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How to Configure Supercard Pro and WinUAE

In this video I'll guide you through, step-by-step to setting up the FloppyBridge plugin in WinUAE using Supercard Pro.

We'll start at the beginning, installing WinUAE, and move on to configuring and explaing what all of the FloppyBridge options do.

What is DMA? What does it do? and Why is it Important?

Before DMA we had PIO (Programmed Input/Output) mode, meaning the reading and writing was all done via the CPU.

DMA (Direct Memory Access) speeds things up a little and usage dates back to some of the very early computers including the Atari 7800, C64 and more.

Don't worry, you don't need any programming knowledge to understand this, it's quite straight forward, but I hope by the end of the video you'll have a good understanding of it.

How the FloppyBridge Magic Works! - WinUAE and REAL Floppy Disks

In this video I'll be a bad magician and reveal all of the secrets to all of the tricks that make this magic work with the emulator and real floppy disks!

Don't worry, everything is explained, you don't need to understand any programming at all as everything is presented in an easy-to-understand way. It honestly feels like there's more animations in this video than on Disney+! (lol, there's not)

Keep On Trackin' - Amiga MODs, A 16-Bit Musical Adventure into the World of Amiga Tracker Music

In this video we're going back in time to the 1980s to explore the origins of Amiga Music, The Tracker, and The MOD file.

We'll also take a look (a deep dive!) at how these mod files are put together to create some of the most iconic music from the era.

Join me as we delve into this remarkable history.

Fireflies / Lightning Bugs in my Garden (yeah they're fake!)

Fireflies, or lightning bugs, one of natures miracles, but not so common in the UK, especially in my garden. In this video I'll show you how to make realistic solar powered fireflies (lightning bugs) for the garden.

Pacman, Birth of an Icon! A Quick Look at this Epic Collectors Edition

A brief look at "Pacman, Birth of an Icon", an amazing retrospective into the history of Pacman (or Puckman as it was originally called).

I purchased the collectors edition of Pacman, Birth of an Icon, an amazing piece of history created by Cook and Becker, and wanted to share some of my favourite bits from it.

AMOS Controlled Quiz Buzzer System

Following on from my previous videos building a 4-player Quiz buzzer system, in this tutorial video we modify it to connect it to the AMIGAs serial port and program AMOS to be the quiz master!

This game makes use of the powerful AMOS "Every" command to monitor the serial port in the background

One Year Later - DrawBridge and WinUAE - A Look Back

It's been one year since releasing the magic that allowed real physical disk access within WinUAE (and Amiberry)!

In this video I look back on how all of this happened in a rough timeline including some unseen video footage, a short explanation about why this was so difficult, and also look to the future too.

Join me as I guide you on this incredible journey...

Wireless Quiz Buzzer System (nRF24L01)

I show you how to make a wireless quiz buzzer system using nRF24L01 modules and Arduino's. The buzzers are totally self-contained including a built in lithium battery with charger. The main controller, also wireless, now has the option to disable buttons from people who have already guessed an answer and has a 3.5" socket to connect the audio output to an external amp

Arduino Quiz Buzzer System - Stop the Fighting over Who Answered First!

So, you're running a quiz, but you always fight over who answered first!? Well, in this video we build a simple quiz buzzer system based around an Arduino that includes different sound effects for each button pressed! That age old fight, is now over...

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