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MiSTer Floppy 2024 - Minimig Core Floppy Drive Update

In this video I want to show you the current progress with the MiSTer floppy board I've designed, along with the changes to the MiSTer FPGA Minimig core I've made to allow real floppy disks to be used.

I've successfully gotten reading and writing working, and most exciting of all, it works with multiple drives at once!

A Year in Montages - It's Been a Fun Year!

2023 has been such a fun year, with so many amazing Amiga related videos and a bit of electronics thrown in too, and then there was the special Thomas Middleditch experience that I just didn't expect.

All in all its been fantastic and I wanted to share some of my favourite montages. This included footage from Thomas Middleditch's Twitch channel as his reactions are so totally worth it.

Crazy 4 Layers of Parallex Scrolling Road Effect with Santas Present Drop 3

Its crazy, a long long time ago I wanted to create a game a little like Lotus Turbo Challenge. Back then I was only able to program in AMOS, and so I created a small demo as a kind of proof of concept. However it wasn't very good, and not very practical and so I moved on.

Some 30ish years later I started creating these Santas Present Drop games. In Santas Present Drop 1, you helped Santa drop the presents down chimneys as he flew over numerous rooftops. In Santas Present Drop 2, Santa was unhappy that presents were being delivered to the wrong people, so he installed the Gift-o-Matic 5000.

So what about the third game? Well check the video to find out!

From Rust to Lust! an Amiga 2000 Restoration!

In the previous video I successfully got my Amiga 2000 working properly. In this video we're going to look at some upgrades for it, and also some steps to make it look as close to new as possible including cleaning, retr0brighting (vapor method) and a vinyl wrap for the case.

Poor Broken and Battered Amiga A2000 - Can We Fix it?

I was lucky to receive an Amiga 2000 for my birthday. It doesn't work however, but not to worry, that just makes it more fun! In this video we're going to take a look at it, understand a little about it, and attempt to fix the fault. Spoiler: Surprisingly, it wasn't the battery! And I don't think that was the original either.

Weird Amiga Audio Devices!? What Are They?

Whilst searching around on the Internet I came across a strange headphone amplifier for the Amiga. Something about it made me curious, so in this video we're going to take a look at it. I wondered if it worked a little like the BaseMX, so in this video we'll take a look at this weird amplifier, and also take a look at the BassMX too.

Hop to the Top – Bunny’s Revenge - How it was Made!

In the last video I showed you a way to procedurally generate game levels and hinted about an upcoming game. In this video I'm going to cover some of the more interesting issues and solutions I found whilst building this game in AMOS.

Procedurally Generated Levels VS AMOS on the AMIGA!

For an up-coming game I need to generate a large amount of levels, but I'm too lazy to design them all. So in this video we take a look at procedurally generated levels using AMOS. We then look at speeding up the algorithm and finally tiling a simple maze with a very smart approach to the edges

SHORTED! But Where? - SMD Ceramic Capacitor Roulette - Part 2

So in the last video I tried to fix a dead short circuit between 5V and GND by removing all of the electrolytic capacitors. Unfortunately that didn't work and the short remained.

In this video we're going to check the SMD ceramic capacitors to see if one of them is at fault. Don't worry, I've a fast and easy way to find the culprit, and spoiler.... this time we do! If you are planning on recapping an A1200 be careful with C407. It has a different orientation between Rev 1 and Rev 2 boards!

Super Rare A590 - Still with EPSON Inside - Unexpected Part 5

I've picked up an A1200 motherboard that unfortunatly doesnt work. It has a dead short circuit between 5V and GND, so in this video we're going to investigate the cause and start with recapping it - this is an interactive game and I hope you'll post which capacitor you think is at fault in the comments!

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