Rob Smith

Creative, Frontend & Backend Developer for Windows, Web & Mobile Apps

While working at Working Solutions/Acquire Digital (Leicester) I have developed and worked on the following projects:

LED Pylon at The Forum Shops (at Caesars Palace) Las Vegas

The project was to control the content on a new digital signage display along the Las Vegas strip. The screen whilst not the biggest on the strip is one of the more complex. The pilon has been designed to look like pillars including all of the decorative parts at the top of the two columns.
What also makes the software interesting is that the content never appears to end. Due to special transparent videos acting as transitions the content appears to flow from one advert to the next. This is all happening in realtime.

The pilon makes use of the WebM codec for the alpha transparent video (with a few modifications to improve performance and to expose the alpha channel to Windows) as well as H.264. You would think the content was all pre-rendered into one loop, but its realtime!

The driving computer has several outputs ammounting to a total surface ammounting to 10,368,000 pixels drawn 60 times a second. The owners can control the front, back and columns content seperatly.
Whilst the pilon is playing, four smaller screens in the windows of the Forum Shops also show content which is also synchronised to the pilon.

Interactive 3D Wayfinder

A 3D interactive wayfinder installed in malls across the USA. The software, which I created at Acquire Digital has had its UI customised for Simon and integrated into their directory data. It can be triggered by walking upto it or touching the screen. The units are double sided. It features a custom 3D rendering engine with dynamic shadow mapping for added effect. The software also communicates with handsets via NFC to send route information.

Highcross Beacons

An art installation in a shopping centre in Leicester, UK. The installation consisted of 7 columns with content on three of their four sides. From the right angle all of the columns appear to line up showing one image. The screen can show images and videos, and content is automatically mapped to make the content appear at these sweet spots

TSB Interactive Wall

TSB started rolling out large 4K interactive screens into their branches. The content is all dynamic and controlled via a CMS. Each branch can have its own localised content as well as national content. All content supported full pinch/rotate/zoom which was fully hardware accelerated. The application also embedded the chromium embedded browser to add some of the functionality.


Sure provide mobile phones, contracts, landline telephone and broadband ADSL and XDSL to subscribers of the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey. They already had a website with CMS and our task was to integrate with thier API to produce a tool to help sell their products inside their shops.

We produced two systems, the first an interactive touch application to allow you to bundle up all of the options, and the second a passive advertising wall that went from the back of the store to the front.


WIND provide mobile phones, contracts, landline telephone and broadband ADSL to subscribers of the Greece, Canada and several other countries. We provided a solution to be rolled out into each of the stores as they were refurbished in Greece.

We also created a CMS to help them maintain their sites and content.

Watches of Switzerland Interactives

Watches of Switzerland have opened up an entirely new store in London, in which there are several digital screens including a massive 9-screen interactive video wall.

Each screen runs at full HD meaning the entire surface is a massive 5760x3240 pixels running off a single PC. Using my DirectX approach a suitable solution was created that was very smooth and responsive. The CPU was under 10% used while this project runs.

I also created a virtual magazine viewer (with 3D page turning), as well as a virtual watch card boxing system

Sony Bay for Phone4U

A new was launched and rolled out into Phones 4u stores across the country. The bay features real-time rendered 3D handsets, an NFC reader, a camera, sound system and many other multimedia devices. Written in C++ using Direct3D 10, making the phones looking as realistic as possible in this custom 3D rendered environment was a fun part of the challenge.

Virgin Media Bullring

Virgin wanted some new content for their new Bullring store in Birmingham. The first being 4 cable-related screens, which talk through the various packages and feature an interactive cat which walks between the screens. The rest of the content is an updated version of the content seen at Whitecity. Written in C++ using DirectX

Interactive Exhibition Experience for TAQA

TAQA approached Some Bright Spark, who in-tern appointed us to create a digital emmersive experience controlled via Kinect and Touch. People were booked into the experience via an iPad on the stand. The experience lasted about 15 minutes and featured 3D rendered oil rigs and platforms. The application was extremely successful. Written in C++ using DirectX

Oasis Virtual Shopping Assistant Demo for Box Technologies

Oasis wanted to be able to show their entire clothing range in a way that was easy for people to use. We thought it would be fun if they could scroll through the cloths in a fun way. The large format multi-touch screen running at 4k is driven by a custom built DirectX application in C++

Virgin Media Whitecity Store

The flag-ship store had a complete refit and we were involved providing all of the digital signage & interactivity. This included a massive multi-touch screen wall, a Kinect gesture controlled screen, a digital front door and several other interactive and passive displays. The multi-touch screen was the most interesting to work on. I used C++ and Direct3D to achieved a super-smooth user experience on what effectively was a 4K screen. The screen displayed live information and video playback. The Kinect-controlled screen was a challenge due to the number of people in store at once.

Virgin Media at The Gadget Show Live (2012 and 2013)

We created a jukebox for Virgin Media's stand at The Gadget Show Live which was controlled by Twitter and streamed live using Spotify. The more tweets a song got the more it bumped up the playlist.

EA (Electronics Arts) at The Gadget Show Live 2013

EA asked for a simple twitter wall, They wanted people to be able to tweet with a specific hashtag, to then be manually moderated and then finally appear on the screen, sliding in from right to left. Written in C++ using DirectX

Natwest Futurebank

Natwest futurebank was an experiment. Firstly the queuing system was replaced with a take a ticket style approach. The most complicated part of the project was providing limited Internet access via the terminals and WIFI for 30 minutes when issued a code. I built a special gateway which controlled access and redirected traffic to a code entry screen when not authorised. This handled ethernet traffic at low-level packet by packet.


Capita wanted a rebuild of previously made kiosk solution as a website, designed to work on a full-HD display and several different iPads. The solution allowed a user to select information packs and have them emailed to themselves.

Little Tikes

For several years we have managed and maintained the Little Tikes UK and some of the European websites. I built a custom CMS (for ease of use) and included full payment integration making this a fully e-commerce website. Recently the site has now moved to another company as we no longer offer this service.


This is the main suite of programs that I have built and maintained, it's complete digital signage and interactive kiosk solution including just about anything and everything you could likely need. The package has support for plugins meaning it can be expanded as required. All licencing is controlled by PKI keys.

PLUS! Network

The PLUS! Network is a bespoke-built cloud solution used by Acquire to distribute content, monitor the status of remote players, enable remote management and provide reporting. I designed the system to be self-maintained and as such rarely needs any human intervention. It uses 448-bit encryption and real-time compression to maximise speed. Each player has a unique key that is changed daily.


Signage2Go is an HTML5 SaaS digital signage platform created to fill the gap between high-end Acquire and low-end requirements. The entire solution is directly integrated into the PLUS! Network and so there is no need for any separate editing software. The website includes a drag-and-drop editor and various playlisting functions.